Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dark Shadows - Better love story than twilight

Straight up - this is not like any movie you have seen I bet, but may not be the last. Dark Shadows comes from the unconventional masterclass director Tim Burton.Tim brings on board his fav cast (I think) of Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp and other great talents as Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, Bella Heathcote, Chole Grace Moretz and others.
Starts off with the setting of 18th century -  and cut to 19th century, the movie has dark, sexy, humourous setting, be it the theme, the time of day it has been shot and even a few comic sequences. An unusual vampire movie, which never disappoints and tries to connect with the audiences with each scene. Even though it comes with a few gruesome and frightening scenes, they seem comical at times. The movie at few points screams of Johnny Depp as the only big star present in the movie but having said that others do have their share of shout-outs. This is bound to happen if you have a lot of big names together on one big canvas. The movie has let downs too but Johnny Depp as charismatic Barnabas Collins, Eva Green as the sexy witch Angelique Bouchard, and Helena Bonham Carter as the wonderful Dr. Julia Hoffman do enough to keep you glued and at times on the edge of your seat.
With a lot of unexpected twists director Burton tries to deliver something different to you and succeeds most of the time. At times the movie becomes a one which is (sexy) women-centric and energetic enough to take a sigh in the next scene. To create a cinematic experience like Dark Shadows takes a lot of courage and to deliver it, requires even more. And when it is delivered the credit must go to the entire cast and crew. If you are a man or a woman, believe it or not you will forget what's happening on screen and concentrate on Eva Green every time she appears on screen. A few good laughs too packed in with some really good frightening scenes. Some scenes are worth watching. Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins who tries to break the curse which has passed on from generations in his family and in process tries to restore the family's former glory retains his charm throughout the movie and never disappoints.
The music and the soundtracks that play in the background are amazing, maybe because we have heard them and that was the time of retaliation and fight for change and freedom we can relate and connect to them still today. The language (Shakespearean English) which Barnabas Collins speaks would be difficult for some to understand but that's how it is - simply take it or leave it attitude, which I liked about it.
Overall a treat to watch. Tim Burton and everyone else in their best form and character. Can't think of anything else other than Eva Green after watching.
[Even though it's been given an A certificate in India, I can assure you we have heard worse when it comes to language and seen worse when it comes to frightening and sexy. Why the hell did they give it an A certificate. What the hell were they thinking at CBFC while rating this movie.]

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Avengers - Absolute Marvel

Movies come and go, but some stay longer than the others. Some are categorized as the genres they belong to and some genres are defined by movies. The Avengers is one such movie which will remain in your mind for a long time. If you are bored of cricket, or don't have anything to do, or wanna catch a movie, then surely you won't regret watching The Avengers, And you can catch this movie even without any reason. There's so much to say but so less words to explain. The Avengers is not your average superhero movie.
If you have watched their individual films in which these superheroes have appeared, you are gonna love this one too, because it gives you more of each superhero. The action sequences pack a powerful punch, the thrill that this movie gives you is amazing, high adrenaline rush, great line-up of stars, quirkiness, wittiness, glamour - its got it all. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson - six superstars as six superheroes in one movie; each with similar screen time. They surely know how to deliver.
Not to forget Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders and Tom Hiddleston who also live up to their characters.
Some may still feel disconnected due to violence or iron man's unnecessary humour but frankly it is spell-binding in its execution, leaves you wanting for more. Director Joss Whedon - a screenwriter for many films including Toy Story (nominated for Academy Award Best Writing (Original Screenplay), didn't win it though).
3D technology has gone for a toss today but if it was just like the old days this movie surely has got scenes that will come right in front of your eyes. Still, I would say go watch it in 3D. Scarlett Johansson - she can do a good Russian accent.
In the end, all I wanna say is that amazing action makes up for the clichéd storyline of protecting the earth from creatures from other planets. Nonetheless, kids and adults are going to enjoy it; maybe for different reasons. What an experience! I had watching it.

[Movies have been a family affair for me, every time it's a different experience but a good one and a one which remains forever. This time was no less. Had a quality family time watching it with the entire family.]

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vicky Donor - Spermtetaining

Giving life is perfectly normal and considering it is legal there's nothing to shy about. Well, have you ever wondered what kind of a sperm are you? After watching this movie you'll know the answer or you're gonna ask yourself this question.
Going by the subject of the movie, the title and the cast many made-up their minds they are not gonna watch this movie, and rather would do something more productive. But there are many like me who have watched the movie or are going to watch. I would suggest to those who are not going to watch that instead of thinking there are other good things to do compared to watching, they need to go see this movie which reinstates the fact that there is still a creative sperm left in Bollywood.
I know it's a touchy subject for many and some may feel uncomfortable to watch this movie but it is fictitiously based on reality. After a long tine there has been a movie from which you can have expectations and consider the movie to live up to it. Absolutely brilliant, spermy, witty, quirky to the point movie, expect to hear the word 'sperm' a  more than ever you are gonna use it. John Abraham's fans are gonna question why did he decide to produce this film? The answer is, he's a creative sperm and a rich sperm together.
The cast includes Ayushmann Khurana (VJ & Anchor) as Vicky Arora, Yami Gautam (Soap opera & movie star)  as Ashima Roy and Annu Kapoor (Anchor & Actor) as Dr. Baldev Chaddha. Filmstars going to telly screens and telly stars doing films is the trend today. And the director Shoojit Sircar is the guy who made Yahaan (Jimmy Shergill & Minissha Lamba). All the actors have played the character brilliantly. Don't mind the language, the drinking and more importantly who's drinking more (you'ed be surprised).
Almost entirely based in Delhi, the first half is comical and the second half emotional. The movie is not for those who expect to see big stars or for those who expect a clean humour but this one is not over the top. Well executed,  quirkiness in dialogue delivery, absolutely fresh out of a creative sperm. You have to watch it to understand what sperm donation is and why it exists. The chemistry between a bong (bengali) girl and a Punjabi munda is wonderfully portrayed. This movie will definitely challenge your senses.
If you want to have a laugh, have nothing to do over the week or bored of staring at the idiot box, go watch it. Worth every rupee. Deserves five stars. You're not gonna regret watching this one
[Question yourself; what if you were born after your parents decided your career? I have a bit of a blogger sperm, I'm sure about that. Don't compare this movie to any other movie you have ever watched.]

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bittoo Boss - Sasky

Have you been to a movie which has a small town guy, with big dreams, misunderstood by a rich girl, later both are in love, so the relationship carries on and later some things happen cause the guy wanna make it big n so they break-up, then again get back after some time and again misunderstanding causes them to break-up this time because of his business partner. A month later our hero gets to know that the heroine is getting married, so he goes to her wedding to ruin it and make her his again, by exposing the bad guys, then in the end they are together and happy ending to a movie?
The answer is Yes, you have. This one's similar but the point is the similarity ends there. What's different in this, is the execution, the dialogues, the way it has been packaged and presented. It's about a V.D.O. shooter without whom nobody wants to start the celebration, girls who want to give him their sasky pose (for photographs). which he saves it on 'local disk d'. He wants to enter the media industry and how he wants to make it big.
The male lead has Pulkit Samrat (Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi's Lakshya Virani) and the female lead has Amita Pathak (Aakrosh & Haal-e-Dil) playing their parts. Both do justice to their characters most of the time. You shouldn't watch it if you are expecting something big and vastly different from other movies of this kind but what you can expect, is to get a good message and new words to use on Facebook or Twitter or just in your daily life.
Words like 'sasky', 'riks' and 'local disk d' are used too often which sometimes will make you feel that there are no other dialogues. There's this constant fight between doing good and doing bad, the frustration of a struggler, his way of making it big by choosing to make and sell blue films of honeymoon couples, losing his love more than once, and his constant disagree to his father's sayings.
The male lead has only two looks - one a 'chichora gaon ka chora with beard' and the other 'without the beard chichora gaon ka chora'. Overall the movie scores on execution, dialogues and delivery of dialogues more than the matter. The stars don't disappoint either. The movie is a must watch for freshers, strugglers.

[Felt like watching a special screening with only 13 other people. But was worth. Remember we all have a Bittoo ( V.D.O shooter) in our life, especially during our lavish weddings jo sabki leta hai (photos and videos) which makes our occasions a memory.]

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Agent Vinod - One for the tharki buddhas

Have you ever watched a movie and said it could have been better or didn't see what I expected, well here's another one to that list. Watched Agent Vinod and at first it felt good effort but as the movie continued, I felt that it still needed some refinement. Wonderful locations, hot actresses, quirky dialogues, cocky attitude, villains -  tharki (except one) buddhas, item numbers, unusual direction, hatke script, love, hate, romance, humour, other emotions, chase sequences, thrills, action; its got it all yet I had this thought that something was missing; and  no it wasn't the popcorn.Saifeena is a pair to watch but the story will be hard to digest by us Indians.
Sriram Raghavan - remember his first directorial venture - Ek Deewana Tha and his next - Johnny Gaddaar, some similarities with this but a lot of differences. A lot of well executed action sequences which will make you wtf! how the hell did he pulled it off? Other thing which you won't connect with will be a love song in the background of an action sequence.
The scenes worth watching involve the Mercs and the BMWs and the Audis crashing (better than Rohit Shetty's), the only luxury car that is left unscratched is the Rolls Royce. The unseen locations in Indian films get +1, but too much attention to love between Saifeena gets a dislike. No prize for guessing where pyar ki pungi song comes.
Overall a well attempted movie, a good 12 countries tour but with a lot of duds and disconnection.
[This review is after watching the movie for free with free cheese popcorn and samosa (which I didn't have), and free coffee (which again I didn't have), but thanks to my two cousins Rachna Chhatwani and Yash Chhatwani for the treat.]

Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi Guys, This is my first blog post, starting today I'm gonna be sharing things that are related to me, you, that wanna catch attention, n everything else, Hope u like reading it as much as I do posting it. Stay hooked for more.